Core Technology

Integrated software and hardware solutions based on elastic waves

Unlimited Structure

Unlimited Material

High Reliability

Feature recognition
Location identification
Strength identification
Self developed sensor
Self developed chip
Original intelligent algorithm

Low Cost

Low Power Consumption

Resistant To Interference


Serve the interaction and perception of smart devices

Laptop Force Touch Solution

Laptop Force Touch Solution

Can achieve ultra-thin and large-size touchpad design
Automobile Intelligent Skin Solution
Automobile Intelligent Skin Solution

Automobile Intelligent Skin Solution

Car safety, pedestrian safety and human-vehicle interaction
Intelligent Touch Screen Solution
Intelligent Touch Screen Solution

Intelligent Touch Screen Solution

Smarter screen interaction
Smart Wearables Force Touch Solution
Smart Wearables Force Touch Solution

Smart Wearables Force Touch Solution

slide and press. Adopt elasticity

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Taifang News

Taifang News


Taifang’s ForcePad 2.0 Enables LG gram Style to Feature “Hidden” LED-Lit Trackpad, Leverages Haptics Technology for Highly Accurate User Input
2023-04-28 11:04:55
Taifang News

Cars and Robots with Smart Skins That Can Feel

This article was published on EE Journal after an interview with Dr. Charles Du (Founder and CEO of Taifang Tech)
2022-11-14 16:04:06
Taifang News

Taifang Receives Second Lenovo Investment

Taifang Technology has received a second investment from current shareholder Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group (LCIG). This second round of investment comes just six months after LCIG’s initial funding and is intended to further advance Taifang’s already-robust product and technology research and development and market development of touch-elastic-wave-based sensing solutions.
2022-11-07 09:46:37

Industry Information

Taifang News

Huawei MateBook X announced with pressure-sensitive touchpad,1kg weight

Release time: 19 August 2020 Gsmarena \nHuawei just announced its new MateBook X laptop with a slightly altered design and extended and upgraded touchpad.
2021-11-07 04:33:34
Taifang News

Tesla launches ‘live sentinel’ mode, allowing users to remotely view the surroundings of their cars

Release time: November 3, 2021\nMarket Research Telecast\nTesla has released a new ‘software’ update that includes ‘Sentry Mode Live’, a feature that allows drivers remotely view the surroundings of their cars through the images recorded by the vehicle’s cameras.
2021-11-04 05:53:09
Taifang News

Better Touch Screens Could Let You Feel Stuff Before You Buy It

Release time: OCTOBER 25, 2021   Nextgov\nResearchers are working on touch screen technology that would allow people to “feel” physical objects—including, for example, the texture of an item of clothing’s fabric while shopping online.
2021-11-04 05:46:57

Company Qualification & Honor

To be a world-class leader in touch recognition

  • National High-tech EnterpriseNational High-tech Enterprise
  • Zhongguancun High Tech EnterpriseZhongguancun High Tech Enterprise
  • Beijing New Technology and New products CertificateBeijing New Technology and New products Certificate
  • ISO9001 management system certificationISO9001 management system certification
Taifang Technology
Founded in 2015, as a national high-tech enterprise, Taifang technology has always been committed to the R & D and industrial application of elastic wave intelligent tactile technology, serving the interaction and perception of intelligent devices (laptops, intelligent wearable devices, large smart screens and cars), and providing intelligent tactile solutions based on chips and sensors. Elastic wave intelligent tactile technology can realize the functions of positioning, force sensing, pattern recognition, tactile feedback and so on. At present, Taifang has formed two business segments: consumer electronics and automotive electronics, and its customers include well-known scientific and technological product companies at home and abroad.