Elastic wave: Ultra-wide-field Touch Technology in the Era of Smart Touch

  • Wide Range Of Applicable Materials

    Support glass, iron sheet and other homogeneous materials as well as wood plate, composite material and other heterogeneous materials

    Wide Range Of Applicable Materials
  • High Anti-Interference Capability

    Not affected by any obstacles or electromagnetic interference

    High Anti-Interference Capability
  • Support 3D Touch

    Support to recognize both touch position and touch force, with positioning accuracy to mm and force perception accuracy to mmN·s.

    Support 3D Touch
  • Low Cost

    Low Cost

    Obvious cost advantage from the sensor and less sensors demanded

  • Low Energy Consumption

    Low Energy Consumption

    Passive recognition with low power consumption and no radiation

  • Support 3D Surface

    Support 3D Surface

    Support to recognize plane structure and 3D surface structure accurately

Application Scenarios:Interaction and perception of intelligent devices, traditional application substitution and new application scenarios

Different Consumer Electronics

Different Consumer Electronics

Realize multi-dimensional and multi-type touch on laptop and telephone,open up the imagination for touch screen and non-touch screen
Intelligent home and intelligent office

Intelligent home and intelligent office

Support full-hard materials to realize Smart Home pan touch and Smart Office, providing touch solutions for the intelligentization of large screens
Smart Devices e.g. Robots

Smart Devices e.g. Robots

AGV robot collision perception, service robot intelligent touch,Realizing touch perception of robot shell made of metal/plastic/lightweight materials
Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables

AR/VR device, smartwatch, headphone, clothing, etc、realizing touch of wearable electronics made of all kinds of materials and fitting the shape of the human body at a low cost