Programme Overview

Hardware Composition Of Automobile Intelligent Skin TAIPS


  • The main board of impact monitoring controller can support 8~12 sensors
  • The component main board of automobile specification class has passed the automobile specification certification test
  • Interfaces of CAN/LIN/UART/IO, easy to integrate development of customized functions
  • Can also provide chip + sensor + software solutions


  • Large coverage area: one cable installed on the inner surface of the door skin can cover the whole door
  • Sensor module 25*25*4.6mm
  • Aircraft-grade reliability, temperature range-40°C ~ 125°C

TAIPS Can Well Complement With The Existing On-board Sensors, So It Plays An Important Role In Medium And Low Speed Scenarios

Automobile Scenarios

Automobile Scenarios

Driving Condition

  • Before Collision

    Millimeter wave/camera/lidar/ultrasound

    Certain misjudgment in AI recognition

    Each sensor has blind spots, Increasing the number of sensors may eliminate some blind spots, but result in a great cost increase

  • During Collision

    Acceleration Sensor

    Activation of airbag

    Only applicable to the violent collision condition (acceleration 20G)

    High false alarm rate for light and moderate collision monitoring


    Applicable to all kinds of collision scenarios

    Trigger locking of the safety belt (including child seat) or activate the airbag outside the automobile to protect both passengers and passerby.

  • After Collision


    After detecting a collision, TAIPS immediately triggers emergency braking of AEB and locking of the safety belt to prevent secondary injury. Complementary and fully redundant with non-contact perception system

Parking Condition

  • Sentry Mode


    Elimination of blind spots

    Support low power consumption (7*24)

    Applicable to both parking and driving conditions

    High sensitivity and low false alarm rate

    Unrevealing of personal privacy

Core Advantages

  • Recognition rate: >99.98% False alarm rate: <0.02% Recognition rate: >99.98% False alarm rate: <0.02%
  • Ease of integration Ease of integration
  • Low power consumption (18mW@12V) Low power consumption (18mW@12V)
  • OTA upgrade support OTA upgrade support
  • Fast response (<5ms) Fast response (<5ms)
  • Protecting personal privacy Protecting personal privacy
  • Not affected by light, such as dim light or occluded light Not affected by light, such as dim light or occluded light
  • $t('solution.2.core.6') Operational in both driving and parking conditions

Relevant Application Cases

TAIPS™ Is Applicable To Sentry Mode

TAIPS™ Is Applicable To Sentry Mode

TAIPS™ Is Applicable To Sentry Mode

Make the vehicle skin have the same tactile perception ability as the skin, accurately perceive the vehicle being scratched in the full time domain, send the message, and start the 360 camera to take photos and videos; Lower power consumption, more sensitive and accurate perception.

  • Automatic Driving Is The Last Safety Line

    Automatic Driving Is The Last Safety Line

    In case of any slight collision during low-speed automatic driving, the vehicle shall be braked urgently to prevent secondary rolling; Sensitive perception and error free triggering

  • Knock-knock Human Vehicle Interaction

    Knock-knock Human Vehicle Interaction

    Knock knock gesture controls the switches of electric door and tailgate; Low cost, higher recognition rate and better experience

  • TAIPS Application And Pedestrian Protection System

    TAIPS Application And Pedestrian Protection System

    Accurately perceive the type of vehicle impactor, and trigger the pedestrian protection device when it strikes one; Higher recognition rate and faster response

  • $t('solution.2.products.5.title')

    Battery Pack collision monitoring

    Real time perception of the impact of the battery pack, accurate perception of the impact intensity, and timely warning after severe collision; Enhance the safety of electric vehicles, low cost and low power consumption

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