Programme Overview

It is applicable to medium and large-size infrared touch screen (also applicable to capacitor / nano silver screen), and a few sensors are used to cover the touch range

  • It can realize the writing recognition of multiple writing tools on the same screen
  • It can automatically identify different touching objects and call different functions
  • It can solve the problem of continuous writing on the traditional writing screen
  • It can realize more natural, intuitive and coherent human-computer interaction and screen writing
Programme Overview

Core Advantages

  • Good mass production, high operation accuracy, strong anti-interference ability
  • No frequent switching orders, reduce fatigue and improve communication efficiency
  • Fully identified by elastic waves and is not affected by illumination and writing angle
  • Greatly reduce the requirements for cover glass and mass production tolerance, improve the glass yield and further reduce the cost of the whole machine
Core Advantages

Relevant Application Cases

It can be applied to educational touch screen and conference room touch screen